Often Considered Trash, Apparently It Benefits Unknown Mango Leaf

in #esteem5 years ago

Mango Leaf is one type of herb that apparently still much debated benefits. In everyday life, mango leaves are always left scattered in the yard.

In fact, mango leaves can be made various kinds of herbs that apparently have many benefits not less with other herbs that we often meet.

Well, below there are some benefits of mango leaves are often underestimated and only considered garbage, here are some,

Mango leaves apparently able to overcome asthma and prevent it. You can use the leaves of mango, chopped and jemurlah to dry then take as much as 2 tablespoons and brewed with hot water. Drink steep water of mango leaves to get the usefulness.
You can take advantage of mango leaves that have been pounded and then brewed with hot water and drunk regularly as one of the effective uric acid medicine.
Mango leaves pounded with 2 cloves of red onion and brewed with half a glass of hot water seems to work to overcome the problem of fertility in a married couple.
That's some of the properties of mango leaves that are rarely known. You can try it to get the benefits.

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