Apple Boiled, Many Beneficial For Body

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Who does not know with this one fruit, the fruit that taste good especially on the fuji apple, we do not need to bother peeling the skin. Apples do look interesting both in terms of color and color, but do you know if the apple in boiled much beneficial to the body? yes, certainly a lot. because in the boiled apple contained nutrients such as: calories, carbohydrates, charcoal, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins A, B, C and K, also water.
Boiling apples should not be careless, apples in washing first then cut into pieces, then boil the apple until boiling water, not too long when boiling apples, so the vitamins contained in it is not lost. and know there are several benefits of boiled apples for the body are:

  1. cure cough

consumption of boiled apples in the morning and evening before bed.

  1. overcome asthma

consumption 2-3 apple stew every morning, then your asthma will rarely relapse

  1. Overcoming diarrhea

mix with a little ginger to feel warm when drunk, drink water from the apple stew that has been mixed with a little ginger.

  1. Prevent cataracts

Boil green apples every morning and then consume, because in the apple there is vitamin A is good for eye health.


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