The risk of eating late at night

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There are so many risk attached to eating late at night but we all do it b for one reason or the other and we think nothing is wrong with it. I am glad to tell you it is wrong doing that it's not healthy and yiu might put your health in danger trying to ignore the medical fact I am about your expose to you.

Lets see this few things that can happen when you engage in this bad habit. I know we have different reasons for doing it like working late and the only time you have to eat is at night or students reading at night and need food to stay up at night.

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What could happen if you eat late at night

  • It makes your hunger multiply the next morning

Eating late at night can have you feeling hungrier than usual when you wake up the next morning thanks to the insulin your pancreas releases after a meal.

When you eat late at night, your system produces more glucose that brings about an hormone known as 'ghrelin', it brings hunger. This hormone uses the naturally occurring fast between around 8pm to 8am to reset itself to ensure that you only feel less hungry the next day. And funny enough if you take snack it does not mean you are safe because it's the same thing that happens and it can lead to gaining of weight.

  • The risk of a heart attack is high

It is been found that eating dinner after 7pm is danger and can make a human develop hear attack

Researchers from Dokuz Eylül University assessed more than 700 adults with high blood pressure in order to find out whether different eating times made a difference to their health.

The discovered that those that eat dinnerat late night hours has high impact on overnight blood pressure while eating while eating two hours before going to sleep. Some calculations have proved that of about 24% of them suffers high blood pressure compared to the 14% who ate their evening meal early.

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  • There is possibility of having weird dreams

This can be physiological and I don't think you need this as some aspect of your life. Dreaming weird dreams might make you think of different causes not knowing it just the time you ate at night.

Alongside eating too much of certain kinds of foods (dairy products and spicy meals), Nielsen and Powell found that eating late at night was also to blame for the confusing dreams.

It is said that late night snacking could be the cause because it can lead to gastrointestinal discomfort that can result to difficulty sleeping.

  • It can affect your memory

According to American researchers, snacking late at night could negatively affect your memory. The study, from from the University of California, found that eating at irregular hours for example as late at night - had the potential to impact cognitive functions.

Over a period of time to be sure of this fact, some researchers fed a group of mice nocturnal animals during the day and another group was fed at night like usual.

The abilities of the mice were tested to know if they could recognize new objects in their cage and the result was that the mice that was fed at late night showed a lesser ability to recognise new objects than the mice who continued to eat as usual and also they found out that the ability to create long term. Memory on the mice was damaged for good.

Closing words

You might have developed that habit as a student in school or a person that comes back home late at night after a stressful day you might find time to be eating at the right time and stay away from late night eating because as you have read it is dangerous no matter how convenient it appears.



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