What Is A SegWit??

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Segwit or Segregated Witness is a coding that is injected into the program bitcoin core (node) that help the miner/nodes for more efficient in verifying each input so that data that is stored on each block in blockchain will be smaller the ends will give more room in blockchain. Coding segwit own writing or there is in BIP141 a Proposal ready in BIP91 successfully enabled, and in the program version v core bitcoin 0.13.1 over already existing coding BIP91 with the evaluation up to Nov 16, 2017. With the method of BIP148 this means each node automatically enable segwit so BIP91 Proposals are multak walk because surely 100% is not include nodes that wong would be "kicked" off the block the process of finding the result is BIP141 where the coding segwit is going to happen because it's already qualified.

Segwit2x proposal is

  • Lowering the percentage of parties who agree with segwit being 80% of 95% (did not enter BIP9)
  • Raise the limit of the block being 2 MB which is activated within 6 months after the Segwit has started.

What happens in post Segwit?

Bitcoin program (node) that is running BIP148 will reject input from nodes that are not running Segwit, so it will happen 2 stronghold where the node that is running the segwit method will work together to solve algorithm bitcoin and find a new block listed in blockchain and other fortifications are nodes that are not running the segwit method. The two camps will both count and found the block and post in blockchain. Up to this stage is automatically blockchain will be split into two because of it.

Maybe kah Bitcoin split into 2?

The possibility of only 50% occurrence of split bitcoin karna segwit deployment likely will only cause softfork.

We do before segwit is enabled?

Before Bip148 turned on should we move our wallet personally bitcoin as mycellium, electrum, bitcoin core etc. where we can store our own privatekey. Why should not the wallet to the exchange, because in exchange we not hold the private key and security balance we are not guaranteed to be safe 100 post segwit and in case of split we do not know the exchange where we store the bitcoin network support will be bitcoin which.

So we don't have to worry about this because segwit segwit has many advantages for our network of bitcoin.

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