in #esteem5 years ago

ngar kyawwng tar waanhkanhkyet nhaint aadhipparal lo sabhawpout lar sawaahkar sammat aasait k aaut hkyaote sine ko pahtamasone mein hkwann ko aakyain hkyaote .
aamyoesarr aatinepainhkan, a min hkwann ko hpaat mha hcakarrpyaww aaut hkyaote sine mein hkwann ko sammat aatwat sothpwell .

pain ronetainhcaitsayy shae taw aasaitsaw Anti- a kyint pyet hkyahcarrmhu up d pyinsainnay shi narmaikyaw mahote hpyitkya pyee hcaitsayy par .
sammat k saant hcain pahtam u sone aagatilitehcarrmhu titehpyetrayy kawmashin nhaint twaesonehkaesai .

a kyint pyet hkyahcarrmhu hpamseemhu myarreat aahtwayhtway darritetar aahpyitmanhaawinnhkain FDA k, aatwinmharpell
roesarr, aahcoerak hcemankeinko aahkyahoetko rwayhkyaal htarr saeet htarrmhutwayko parwain paatsaat nu ngyinnpaal par lain maal .

imyaha lout myarrhcwarsaw tahtaung kyaain .
aarnar ko a hcar kyaway nineraan aatwat hkoeyuu raan .
hcaimlaann hco pyay tae hcarr kyet .
poeaanaatraung retch par lain maal .

rone aatuutuu luu rae laatmha .


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