Tips to Avoid Mascara on Eyelids

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Mascara acts like a magical wand you can use when you want thick, lush lashes in an instant. Paired with the eyeliner, mascara can also make your eyes pop and add a sexy, flirty vibe to your look.

While today’s mascara formulas come in all varieties, ranging from dark black options to brown, purple, blue, and even blonde options, most people use a variety of colors and formulas, swapping light daytime shades out for more dramatic nighttime options. Lash primers and conditioners are also commonly used with mascaras.

If you’ve ever gotten mascara on your eyelids, you know how difficult it can be to get off. Sticky, dark, and liable to ruin the rest of your makeup, mascara on your lids is bad news.

Here’s how to avoid it:

• Use A Sticky Note to Make A Barrier.

While you apply mascara, use a card or sticky note to prevent the lashes from touching your upper lid.

• Apply One Coat at a Time to Prevent Clumps.

As you apply your mascara, allow each coat to dry before you add the next. This prevents smudges and makes for a smooth and natural-looking application.

• Tilt Your Head Back.

This adds some extra space between the lash and your lid, making it easier to avoid smudging.

• Use a Waterproof Mascara.

Waterproof mascara is designed to resist smudging, so you can use it if you need some extra protection against lid smudges.

• Use an Eyelash Primer.

Use an eyelash primer if your lashes stick together or if you want additional protection against smearing. Designed to coat and separate the lashes before you apply mascara, these primers are a must-have in any beauty lover’s bag.

Remember that if you do get mascara on your lid, a dry Q-tip will remove it in a hurry!

How to Avoid Mascara Clumping:

Let’s be honest: clumpy lashes aren’t sexy. Beyond that, though, they can also harm your eyelashes by pulling and breaking the hair. To avoid them, here’s what you need to do:

• Apply Mascara One Coat at a Time.

Doing this will give the coat time to dry before you apply another fresh coat. Also, try to keep your hand as steady as possible when applying mascara.

• Apply A Primer.

Primers coat the lashes before the mascara goes on, which helps them to prevent clumping and smearing.

• Throw Out Old or Low-Quality Mascara.

Good mascara lasts about 4-6 months. After this point, it can cause clumpy lashes or
eye irritation. To protect your eyes and your look, throw out any mascara that’s old or low-quality.

How to Apply Mascara without Getting It on Your Eyelid:

How to Remove Mascara Spots From Your Eyelids:

Review On A Great Drugstore Mascara:

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