Parallel World Interactions, Scientists Admit Other Life

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Do you still not trust the same parallel world we are? They live side by side, not just one but some parallel world interactions, where this theory is developed and claimed as part of the theory of buds.

One of the hot debates this time revealed by scientists Griffith University, they challenge the fundamentals of quantum science with a radical new theory based on the existence and interaction of parallel worlds.

The scientists involved included Professor Howard Wiseman, Dr. Michael Hall from the Griffith Center, and Dr. Dirk-Andre Deckert of the University of California.

They reveal the interaction of the parallel world from the realm of science fiction to the exact science, where the results of this study published in the journal Physical Review X edition of last October.

#Parallel World Interaction Theory

Initially, Hugh Everett has proposed a version of many-worlds interpretation, all of which have one key idea, namely a physics equation in which the evolutionary time model model without observers is embedded in a modeling system that does contain observers.

The conclusion of this theory is that the universe (multiverse) consists of a very large quantum of quantum, perhaps even infinitely quantum, positions that are increasingly diverging, without communicating in a parallel universe or a quantum world.

The idea of ​​Many World Interpretation from Everett Princeton PhD, a thesis published entitled 'The Theory of the Universal Wavefunction' was developed based on a thesis written by John Archibald Wheeler.

In terms of the ability to approach the theory of quantum evolution, using limited parallel world interaction theory will have significant consequences in molecular dynamics, it is important to understand chemical reactions and how they work.

Professor Bill Poirier has observed and said that all this is a great idea, not only conceptual but also related to a new almost exact numerical breakthrough.


The team of scientists proposed that a parallel universe could actually be found, and of course humans could interact.

In other words developing independently where the nearest world affects each other through the contrasting contrasting forces.

They point out that the theory of parallel world interaction seems to explain all the strange things about quantum mechanics.

Quantum theory is necessary to reveal how the universe can explain on a microscopic scale and apply to all matter.

But all that is very difficult, in terms of understanding and showing strange phenomena that seem to violate the law of cause and effect.

One of the leading theories revealed by Richard Feynman mentioned that no one understands quantum mechanics. However, the approach developed by scientists Griffith University gives a new perspective among scientists and knowledge of physics.

Professor Wiseman affirms that the idea of ​​a parallel world in quantum mechanics has been spawned since 1957.

Various famous theories and interpretations of the universe and the new branch of the universe, this is expressed whenever quantum measurements are made.

Scientists have until now questioned the reality of other universes, or even did not actually exist because they did not affect our universe.

So at this point, the approach expressed by scientists is completely different as Professor Wiseman and his colleagues reveal;

That the universe we are sheltering is just one of the largest in the universe. Some of them are almost identical to our world, while most are very different. All parallel worlds are equally real, continuously passing through time and have definite definite properties.

All of the quantum phenomena arise from a contradictory universal force, which is equivalent to our world and tends to make it more different.

According to Dr. Hall, the theory of parallel world interaction could have created tremendous possibilities, especially from testing the existence of another world.

This physics artist opens up a new approach, that if the theory reveals only one world will reduce Newton's mechanics laws, whereas if there are some other parallel worlds will create quantum mechanics.

What might be able to predict that? Certainly not based on Newton's theory or quantum theory. Scientists believe that in providing a new mental picture of quantum effects will be useful in experiments and parallel world interaction planning, to test and exploit quantum phenomena.

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