Manuscript Kolbrin, Redhead Woman Forbidden Woman

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In history, the manuscript of Kolbrin was rescued from Glastonbury Abbey at the time of the great fire of 1184 which consumed almost all buildings.
The allegations circulate that a fire is meant to destroy the misguided script stored in the library.

The manuscript Kolbrin allegedly been used by a group called Culdian originated from the Scottish community in the 14th century AD The leader of this group was a man named John Culdy, the group traveling as a blacksmith and craftsman, sometimes known as Koferils.

Several manuscripts have been written on metal plates which came to be known as "The Bronzebook" from England, not known exactly when.

Later the Kolbrin manuscript was written into a book form in the 17th century AD, and modernized in the late 20th century early then incorporating some Celtic manuscripts that had been rescued and not yet written into the metal plate.

Manuscripts not included in metal plates are known as Coelbooks, and the Kolbrin script is rumored to be buried under a stone pyramid in the mountains of Wales.

During the 1920s and 1930s this book was kept by religious groups, during World War II this book was discarded and deemed worthless, but again later rescued.

Initially there were five manuscripts in a large box containing 132 scrolls and 5 scrolls composed of the Great Book of Egypt.

For centuries many books have been lost or destroyed, including the "Lesser Book of The Great God, The Sacred Register, The Book of Establishment, The Book of Magical Concoctions, The Book of Songs, The Book of Creation and Destruction, The Book of Tribulation ", all of these books are deemed to have disappeared in history.

#Red Haired Woman In Colloquette

The facts in the translation of the manuscript of history are still many that are wrong. Some script fragments may have been saved, some spellings may have been misunderstood and the original spellings may have been substituted for their meaning in other words.

There is no evidence when this change has been made, and the translations in English have generally been modernized by someone who lacks any scientific potential.

In the manuscript Kolbrin also tells the beginning of human life, where there is mention of different species in the world.
In "The Book of Origins" mentioned there are two species namely;

The messenger of God, where they are mentioned as those who fought harder, more disciplined, because their ancestors had passed the darkness from other distant places, and they did not inherit "death".

The primitive species called the descendants of Earth known as Yoslings, half-human, not real human, bothas children, and also animal relatives. They are also called "Men of Zumat" which means 'those who inherit death'.

#While in the Book of the Pearl (The Book of Gleanings) mentions four species in the world namely;

Spesis or creature who withdraws for hating the man Spesis led by a wise man who knows the Truth and lives in the midst of peace Primitive species whose life is wild and savage in animal skins And the last is the offspring of Zumat or Yoslings who are wilder than others.

In the script of Kolbrin, different species have lived apart. Where the story of forbidden marriage or taboo may still exist in India.

This evidence has been analyzed by Priya Moorjani, a geneticist at Harvard University who conducted DNA research that everyone in India inherits two genetic groups.

They belong to the South Indian group that is closely connected to the people of the Andaman Islands, and the North Indian group where their ancestors came from Near East-Caucasus.

The Caucasus is an area traditionally associated with the mainland of the kunoyang park mentioned in Kolbrin.
It could be that this ancestral group had married offenders with them while living among other areas of Northern India.

Is varna, the ancient Indian caste system with unknown postulates a system with historical roots over 3000 years old, is this a prohibited marine genetics mentioned in the Kolbrin script? When marriage takes place is described as the first dirty story, the holy men and Yosling fall ill. Then they are thrown out of the garden and placed in the desert.

#Forbidden Marriage, the Earth is Big Disaster

Yosling first married a woman from a holy man who died of his illness, but gave birth to a daughter.
This hybrid offspring is described as a 'Cuckoo kid'. She is an unusual woman with long red hair features never seen before, then lives alone in the woods as a witch and more side with Yosling. In the end he married a great hero of the holy man in the land of Krowkasis (Caucasus).
This version of the story is also found in Egypt and Celtic books.


Subsequent gross treatment occurs when the woman is tempted by the forces and wild animals that live in the forest. The manuscript mentions:

Because of the crimes committed, amongst their males there are those of the animal species, and they are different. The Aramaic version of "The Book of Giants" found in Qumran (IQ23 Fragment 1 + 6) is mentioned: Two hundred donkeys, two hundred arses, two hundred rams ... sheep, two hundred goats, two hundred animals from every animal, from every bird [...] [...] to racial intercourse (inbreeding is considered of various races) .4Q531 Fragment 2: [...] they defile it [...] [... they childbirth] giant and monsters'

The manuscript of Kolbrin explains that it is a woman and only he who is responsible has committed two genetic defilements of a sacred race.

His first friend was with Yosling, and married off-limits to the forest animals. He defiled his race, the human race used it as a sex slave and Chattel, who from time to time became the norm of the whole human race.

For thousands of generations and endless intermingling, the distinction between species gradually disappears and the resulting mix becomes a shorter human life.

Earth begins to be destroyed by fire, man endures but nature then is not the same. The sun is not like before and the moon disappears.

A ruin of talh separates the eastern and western mountains so that they are in the sea. The Land of the Little People (Homo floresiensis in Flores), Giant Man (the giant human skeleton found in Ancient Greece) where this giant bone has been found all over the world, especially in North America.

A 9-foot-tall human skeleton was found near Borjomi in Georgia (Caucasus), and near Cagliari in Sardinia, Ones Neckless, Marshes and Mist lands, it is estimated that all of these lands have been destroyed.

In very cold times, humans survive by hiding in caves. They are terrorized by a gigantic animal accompanied by rebellion and chaos among the holy beings. The catastrophe is getting harsher on the earth and the nature of the animals is getting harder, then the earth is destroyed by the Atuma flood known as the Flood. The notes of the Colloquin texts relate the story contained in the Book of Enoch, a story that is almost equal to the early Sumerian version.

The manuscript of Kolbrin states that the great ship rests in Kardo (Sumerian name for the Kurdish land), in the Ashtar mountains, against Nishim (Nisibin / Nusaybin).

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