Razan al Najjar, a Palestinian nurse shot dead by Israel, seven things you need to know

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It is my duty and obligation to be here and to help those who are injured, "Razan said less than two months before his death.
Razan al-Najjar, 21, was shot dead by Israeli soldiers as he fled to the border fence to help the wounded in Gaza, June 1, 2018.

The death of the female volunteer triggered grief, not only in Palestine, but also around the world. Here are seven things you need to know.

  1. Who is Razan Najjar?

Razan is a nurse who works voluntarily for the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS). He works in an area just a few hundred yards from his family home._101866575_hi045897149.jpg Previously, some media interviewed this 21-year-old woman. One of them is about why he wants to come into the field of conflict?

"I would be very embarrassed if I am not there to (help) the Palestinians It is my duty and obligation to be here and to help those who are injured," Razan said in an interview with Al Jazeera in April 2018.

2.Seconds when Razan is shot

Razan was shot as he ran towards the border fence near Khan Younis, Gaza, June 1, 2018. He was trying to help the wounded.

Wearing a white shirt, a paramedic uniform, "He raised his hand up very clearly, but the Israeli soldiers shot and he was shot in the chest," said a witness who requested his name withheld to the Reuters news agency.

Another witness told me that Razan was initially unaware that he had been shot. When the bullet had penetrated into his back, he just realized and said "My back, my back!" then he fell to the ground.

Mustafa Barghouti, President of the PMRS, explained that Razan was shot in the chest, although he clearly wore a white vest with a crescent moon and a red cross, and a PMRS symbol indicating he was part of the medical team.


Razan was buried on Saturday, June 2, 2018. Razan's body was carried through the streets of Gaza with wrapped Palestinian flags.

His father was carrying Razan's blood-stained medical jacket.

Thousands of people were mourning and angry, accompanying the procession and burial.

The Health Ministry of Gaza calls Razan a martyr, who is martyred.

4.What does Israel say?

The Israeli military claimed that its troops along the border had been attacked with gunfire and grenades on Friday.

Israel has not commented specifically about Razan's death, but has previously only fired on people who tried to cross the fence during the protests and blamed Hamas as the party that organized the violence.

"The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is trying to reduce the casualties in the Gaza fence security area, but the Hamas terror organization is deliberately and methodically putting civilians in jeopardy," the statement said.

5.Reaction of world institutions

The Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS), the organization where Razan volunteered, condemned the shooting.

"Shooting members of medical personnel is a war crime under the Geneva Conventions," PMRS said.

The United Nations through the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) admitted "deeply concerned" and called for the importance of protection for medical workers.IMG_20180605_015821.jpg
The International Red Cross (ICRC) declared this condition an unprecedented health crisis. They will send two teams of surgeons to help.

"The medical workers are not the target! My thoughts and prayers with the family #Razan_AlNajjar The Palestinians in Gaza are suffering enough Israel needs to calibrate its use of power and Hamas must prevent incidents on the fence The escalation will only add to casualties," said UN Coordinator for the Peace Process in Middle East Nickolay E Mladenov via his Twitter.

6.Violence in Gaza

Razan became the 119th victim in a demonstration that began on March 30, and has turned into bloody violence on the Gaza-Israeli border.

Since March 30, Palestinians have marched to demand the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their ancestral homeland, which is now under Israeli control.

The conflict reached its peak on May 14 when at least 61 Palestinians were killed.

The protesters who came on Friday when Razan was killed were actually fewer than the previous week's demo. But the demonstrators are expected to grow along with the warning of the takeover of the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and East Jerusalem by Israel in 1967.

Hundreds of people need treatment from gunshot wounds and other ammunition wounds, while the local health system has been overworked and depressed.

Up to now there are no casualties from the Israeli side.

7.Reaction of citizens from all over the world

In just a few hours since his death, Palestinians express his grief on Twitter. The grief spread all over the world. IMG_20180605_020308.jpg

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