Kofi Annan, ex- UN desk general, dies aged 80 :

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Kofi Annan, ex- UN desk general, dies aged 80 :

Kofi Annan, earlier UN desk general, dies aged 80 :

"I deem that my darkest minute was the Iraq war, and the piece of information that we might not bring to a halt it," Annan understood in a February 2013 interview with TIME magazine to indicator the journal of his memoir, "Interventions: A sparkle in War and Peace." earth leaders approved to initiate an inside U.N. ethics office, but a foremost refit of the U.N.'s outdated management practices and in service procedures was missing to Annan's successor, prohibit Ki-moon. In his memoir, Annan predictable the outlay of delightful on the world's apex diplomatic job, joking that "SG," for secretary-general, moreover signified "scapegoat" around U.N. headquarters. In his memoir, Annan accepted the expenses of enchanting on the world's best diplomatic job, joking that "SG," for secretary-general, additionally signified "scapegoat" around U.N. headquarters.
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