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Hello Steemians!!!
Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the bounties of life.Today i am gonna share about VolAir bounty contest but before getting started let me introduce this VolAir project with you guys.


VolAir is a tier based decentralized Private Jet & Luxury Lifestyle booking gateway & loyalty program that manages all customer contract data & staking.
VolAir brings the best service to the customer .Those customers who use VolAir more will be rewarded more.Those who use VolAir services most will get more benefits and these rewards will be distributed in VOL tokens which can be exchanged for fiats,flights or STAKES.You guys can find more details here official website


VolAir is offering bounty compaign to earn free tokens.So don't miss this opportunity and sign up here bounty sign up without wasting any time and reserve your place in the contest.After sign up you guys need to perform various tasks to earn free entries.To earn free entries you need to have accounts in following social media

For more entries you guys need to enter your ethereum wallet address which i am sure every bounty hunter has.You guys can share your special url sign up here to refers others and earn 50 entries on every referral.There are seperate youtube and article writing contest and you guys will earn extra rewards depending on the quality of youtube video and article.


Good Quality - 1000 VOL (Top 5 Articles)
Medium Quality - 500 VOL (Top 10 Articles)
Bad Quality - ZERO
High Quality -5,000 VOL (Top 5 videos)
Medium Quality - 600 VOL (Top 7 videos)
Bad Quality - ZERO
Remember one thing only the top articles and videos will be paid.Besides these two contest you guys will be rewarded according to your place in the contest and you can get your place by earning more and more entries.
So guys hurry up and sign up immediately to get your place in the contest.

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