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Hello Steemians and bounty hunters,
My today's article is about one of the bounty on "bounty0x" which is "Monetizr".monetizrAs i am new in crypto and also i am from country where english is not native language.SO,appologies if i made an mistake.
First of all let me tell you What is Monetizr?
Monetizr is a blockchain game reward engine which enable game developers to reward gamers with MTZ tokens for their time and skill. It is a first tokanized system that benefits gamers,game developers and brands.Gamers use MTZs to buy physical goods(like T-shirts or toys), services (like Nike shoes or amazon gift cards)or exchange to other cryptocurrencies(like bitcoin or Ether).
The gaming ecosystem is crowded with gamers,developers and brands.
Here gamers can earn MTZ tokens for achievements, engaging with advertisments and spending time in playing games.These gamers are then rewarded with MTZ tokens for achievements and their time spent.Gamers then buy different gaming stuff from these MTZ tokens.
The MTZ token provide game developers different ways to monetize games.Monetizr empowers developers to extend the player lifetime value ,improve their performance and direct their roadmap.
Monetizr enables brand-sponsored rewards and product placement in games without using disturbing ads.
Gamers invest their time,money and skills in games to acquire in game-currencies and

  1. Monetizr offers them an open platform to maintain their singular portable identity.They reward players with MTZ tokens which they can use for buying physical stuff,can exchange them to other cryptocurrencies.
  2. Monetizr gives game developers a platform to create an engaging game that can also generate a good amount of revenue.
  3. Monetizr gives game developer an amazing and easy way to engage gamers while driving revenue.
  4. Monetizr help game companies to monetize their games.
    Game Reward Engine Component:
    It consist of three core products
    You can read more about these 3 components here Components
    How it works?
    Gamers can earn MTZ tokens in 3 ways:by playing games,by unlocking achievements and by mining cryptocurrencies.
    I hope you people loved to read about monetizr and if guys want to know more about this platform just visit that sitewhitepaper
    My bounty0x name @munazza

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