First prescription( A story of a doctor)

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It was a pleasant day.After taking my breakfast,I began to drive towards hospital.
I stuck in a heavy traffic of early rush hours and got latw for half an hour to hospital.After parking the car I,rushed towards the OPD room.A heavy crowed of patients were gathered in front of the room.They were all eagerly waiting for mw there were people of both gender and all ages.Some kids were crying and their mothers were trying to calm them.Some old people were resting on the ground extending their feet ,having luggage in their laps and supporting sticks aside them.Most of the women were wearinh shuttle cock burqas.
They started buzzing,when they saw me,which i was able to percieve as "The doctor has arrived".They lined up themselves and started preparing themselves for checkup.They were all looking at me.Some were slightly angry,which was evident through their way of gazing at me.Some were looking helpless.They were probably thinking that this is the man on the earth who could reduce our pains,this is not merely a doctor ,but an angel in the form of human,who will treat us and we will soon get rid of our illness.
While approaching towards them,I changed my hectic behavior and began to walk slowly,confidently and proudly to create an impression that,I am a competent doctor and i am not interested in the surroundings.I turned to look on my right side,likely a hospital employee was enjoying my young personality.When my eyes stuch at him,he smiled and raised his hand to welcome me.Responding him i also raised my hand,although,he was,not familiar to me.
After entering the room,I ordered the office attendant not to allow any body in the room,meanwhile I washed my hands.At last the first patient entered the room.I was praying in my heart that my God!May it be a simple case.It was a young poor boy of 14 years accompained by his mother.His face was flushing red,so I guessed at first sight that what so ever be the problem he has got fever.After explaining his problem.I concluded that he has got throat infection.He showed me alot of tablets that he has used already,including augmentin and erythromycin etc.during his throat examination I also noticed his enlarged and reddened tonsils.I reached the final diagonsis "It was acute tonsillitis."I was been impressed by my competency for making my first diagonsis without investigatioms and prolonged examination.
Now it was th time for prescription ans treatment.I guessed that he has already used medicines like Augmentin and erythromycin,so he needs something parently that would eradicate the infection and work promptly and effectively.I had read somewhere that pencillin G is used for the treatment of tonsillitis,so that was the drug,what i decided to inject.
The boy's mother asked earnestly doctor!! Would my son be recoevered from the illness"?come on mother ! You shouldn't be worried at all.I am not amongst those doctors who merely prescribe the drugs and leave the patient all in vain;your son will get rid of the illness within 5 minutes.I replied very confidently.
"Within 5 minutes??" She asked astonishingly,"off course" I replied she started praying.I laid the patient on the table and started filling the syringe with pencillin G,while filling the syringe i was blessing my fortune for giving me such a simple case.
I was glad that intramuscular pencillin G will work effectively and subside tonsillitis in minutes.
The patient was ready and i injected the drug in to his right deltoid region.I became satisfied with my first successful management of a patient.The mother of the boy sitting on the chair was keenly observing the process.Probably she was thinking that how lucky they were for having been treated by such a competent doctor.
After a moment the patient start moving,when i had a glance over him,his face had flushed.He was restleds,moving his head here and there,breathing vigorously.His eyes were red and the lips were swollen.He has moving his hands on his abdomen again and again,due to abdominal cramps.I was so much frightened and worried,that my forehead was full of sweats.
"Oh my God "What happened" I asked then I realized it was pencillin G hypersensitivity reaction.The blood spurted out of the nostrils of the young boy.I placed a cotton swab in his nostrils to stop the blood,now the patient was giving a complete picture of a dead body.His mother asked anxiously "What happened to my child"?
"Nothing,nothing .He is alright".
I was counseling but my words were stammering meanwhile the attendant enetered to take permission for the entrance of another patient when he judged the situation of the treatment room and he also got worried and rushed out of the room.Probably he got some dangerous signals.From the scene,and felt the threat.
I was standing completely helpless and restless.I was unable to decide what to do.The space for free and open decision and action were shrunken for me.I haven't ever experienced myself in such a miserable condition.

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Nice to hear your experience... Being a Doctor it is very much common situation for us... In Bangladesh, there are lots of people wait just behind the door. Sometimes a group of patients enter into the room and start to talk about their problem at the same time, that time I feel like crazy and want held from GoD....

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