Cryptocurrency Airdrop 1: MANO Masternode Foundation Bounty contest

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Hello Steemian!!
Hope you all are well and enjoying the bounties of life.Today in the age of internet everything is possible.Making money at home with internet is quite easy now.One way of earning free money is doing airdrops.That's why today i am gonna share about (MANO) Masternode foundation airdrop with you guys.But before getting started.Let me tell you brief about MANO project.


Masternode foundation launched their own cryptocurrency ,named MANO.According to crypto specialists, MANO coins “will be huge in the upcoming years”.MANO coin is a mineable, decentralized cryptocurrency that will be the exclusive payment method for services offered by The Masternode Foundation.

Symbol: MANO
Address Initial: M
Block Reward: 10 MANO
Masternode Collateral: 1000 MANO
Block Reward: 5/5 ( 50% Miner / 50% Masternode )
PoW Algorithm: Lyra2z
Block time: 120 seconds
Diff Retargeting: DGWv3
Halving: 12 months
P2P Port: 5982
RPC Port: 5983
Max Supply: 12,614,400 MANO
Premine: 3%
Github: Masternode Foundation
MANO coin has its own wallet which you can find from here:[MANO WALLET]


● June 2018: MANO Coin Blockchain Initial Launch
● July 2018: MANO Host - One-click Masternode Services for Everyone.
● August 2018: Shared Masternodes Platform - Automated Shared Masternode Investing.
● October 2018: Masternode Rankings - The Coin Market Cap of Masternode Coins.
● January 2019: MANO Exchange - The Crypto Exchange for the Smart Masternode Investor.
● March 2019: MANO Fund - A Masternode Investment Fund ruled by Decentralized
MANO has launched bounty contest! with just over 7 days before it ends!
Join here:bounty sign up
There is 750 #MANO up for grabs with 452 $MANO in the main contest & 298 #MANO for bounties.
Requirements for bounty:
To participate in this contest you guys need account in following social media.

  • twitter
  • telegram
  • facebook
  • instagram
  • ibitcointalk
  • reddit
  • youtube
  • discord
    Hope you like my article about MANO .

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Thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

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