Cover Letters to Boost your resume

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Hello Steemians!!
Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the bounties of life.Today i am gonna share a "How to write cover letters to Boost your resume"
When you send in your resume,make sure that you accompany it with a cover letter.Use this opportunity to personalize your resume and target your skills to that specific employer.
It's quite common for graduates to write generic or blanket cover letters.Please invest time to write a cover letter specifically targeted to each position you apply for or you are not going to be called for an interview.
Employers typically won't even consider a condidate that they cannot see to be qualified at first glance.The first impression at your cover letter will open up an opportunity for you to be called for the next round.
Job seekers often spend many hours making their resumes and then treat their cover letters as an afterthought.This could be a big mistake;the cover letter can help your resume get noticed.Think of the cover letter as your resume's cheerleading section.
"A cover letter can make a great first impression;if done effectively ,it will create the desire for people to want to know you more".

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