The Meaning of the Wedding Ring on the Sweet Finger

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Ring is always pinned in every wedding procession, there is a special meaning in it. At weddings in some countries of the world, wedding rings are not always on the left hand ring finger. But one thing is certainly the same, they always wear a ring on the ring finger.

Have you ever wondered why?

In our country Indonesia, there is no law governing its citizens to wear wedding rings on ring fingers, nor with other countries. But our society, wherever they are, the tradition of wearing a ring on the ring finger has always been a tradition for generations.

The first tradition of wedding rings

It is not known exactly when this tradition began. Nevertheless, there is still a theory that can help us answer the curiosity about the origin of this fascinating tradition.

To analyze this, let's go back to the past about 3000 years ago. In a time when the ancient Romans and Egyptians reigned on earth, it had not yet been discovered medical science and his beliefs in inanimate objects were still strong.

At that time, the assumption of the tradition of embedding this ring was first used by the Ancient Egyptians. At that time they have not used the gold ring as it is today, but the weeds / rings used as a ring. Ancient Egyptians thought the ring was a symbol of a deep bond of love.

The Romans recognized several kinds of marriage according to their caste and noble rank at that time, the higher the position of a person, the celebrated marriage was also more luxurious.

The highest caste marriage is marked by the imposition of a ring from the groom to the bride. The Romans regarded the ring as a sign of ownership, that a woman had officially belonged to the man who married her.
The ring is chosen as wedding jewelry because of its circular shape

According to the latest theoretical phrase, cicin is chosen as a wedding jewelry because of its circular and endless shape. It has the same meaning as married life, lasting forever. Even when death separates, hope remains to be reunited later in the afterlife.
Fingers, lots of philosophy in them

Okay, now get in the waiting discussion. Why are rings worn on the ring finger? We own the people of Indonesia calls the fourth finger is the ring finger, on the ring finger is a wedding ring.

There are several different opinions about the placement of the ring on the ring finger.

Assumption based on the tradition of the ancient Romans, on the ring finger there is a blood vessel that is connected directly to the heart. At that time technology is not as sophisticated as it is now.

Studies have been made that the traditions of the Romans are wrong, the special blood vessels they mean are not there.

But because that belief has been rooted for thousands of years, some people believe that there is still a "love vessel" in the ring finger that connects to the heart.

From Egypt and Rome, across the Nile and the Black Sea, we now land on the Asian continent. We meet with Chinese culture / ethnic Chinese, which in 1967-2014 we call by the name of China.

The Chinese believe that human fingers symbolize family relationships. Each finger has a distinct family relationship.

According to them, thumbs / thumbs symbolize the parents, the index finger symbolizes the brother, the middle finger symbolizes himself, the ring finger symbolizes the spouse, and the last little finger shows the children.

It can be proved by a simple experiment with the fingers of the hands. Follow the instructions in the following,

  • Bend and attach both the middle finger back (the outside, not the palm)
  • Follow by attaching each finger head (palm chart), starting from right and left hand thumb, right and left hand, right and left hand finger, right and left hand ring finger, until the little finger of the right and left hand (until each fingertip is mutual stick, except middle finger)
  • Then try to separate each head that has been fused, starting from the thumb, forefinger, finger, and ring finger last order.

What will you find? You will find that the thumb, forefinger and little finger for the attached finger head can be separated, but not for the ring finger.

You can prove yourself this simple experiment.

The explanation of the meaning of the finger show experiment is that you can separate the thumb (the parent symbol) because your parents are not destined to be with you forever. Under certain conditions they have to leave you in life.

Your index finger (simbol) can also be separated because you are not destined to be with your brother for life. They will eventually leave you and have their own family.

So with the little finger (child symbol) can be separated, because your children will not be with you forever. They will grow up and find their partners the same as you.

They will eventually have their own life and family. In contrast to the ring finger (the symbol of the spouse), no matter how powerful you attempt to separate it, it will still fail.

That is why the ring finger is considered as a symbol of the spouse, inseparable. The spouse of your life (wife / husband) is destined to be with you all the time, living in good times and sorrows.

Another theory that reinforces that ring should be applied on the ring finger is the fact that ring fingers are rarely used in the move.

That way, it will keep the ring from breaking easily. Actually, the little finger is also rarely used, but this finger is too small. It is considered quite troublesome in the ring design on the little finger.

It is clear that the ring finger is the best finger to wear the wedding ring, no more questions. Placement is on the left hand finger or right hand?

For this there are some differences in some countries. People in Spain, Norway, Venezuela, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Austria, India, Germany, Peru and Portugal, they wear wedding ring on the ring finger on the right hand.

Therefore, for the hand where the placement of the ring in the right / left hand, you can wear it in the hands that you like. There is no law or prohibition on this matter that can prevent you from doing so.

However, you can consider wearing a wedding ring on the left hand ring finger. The reason is simple, because the right hand is used more often than the left hand. In the right hand is more often used for the move can make prone to injury to the fingers and damage susceptibility to the ring.

Another simple reason why the left hand ring finger is chosen is because of the movement of reflexes and ease of use. When a pair of brides exchange rings, they will face each other, as when facing a mirror.

When the groom stretches the ring with the right hand, the bride's left hand will respond to it like a mirror.

Conversely, when the bride attaches a ring by using her right hand, the groom will also respond to it like a mirror of handing her left hand to a woman.

However, the choice is on you and your partner. As long as you trust each other and love each other, it does not matter which finger you wear and which hand your wedding ring.