Hell Without End

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Infinite Hell. A world that is certainly very scary for the majority of people in the world. An infinite and endless hell is not only horrifying to imagine but a world so cruel and so sadistic, that God has created for his creatures.

God is so generous in torturing his creatures on different time scales. What kind of God made such a rule when he was powerful to punish and make sick, miserable, lonely, empty and empty human beings on earth. Are they not enough to satisfy our Lord?

A life that feels horrible, endless loneliness, war, famine, pain and tired and disease outbreaks until mental and cancer disorders. Are these terrible things unsatisfactory to our benevolent Lord?

Does the human pain on this earth during his life still have to be passed on in the world between before the spirits and the spirits are summoned on the last day and collected in order to be determined will be put into heaven or hell.

There is something strange with the world of spirits, spirits, and the world of other creatures. We have never asked, why did God do such a thing? Why should there be a curious soul, an unhappy drifting spirit, who tormented himself in an unbelievably long time and who ends up sometime. Is not the world between such a very frightening. Is not it sufficient to torture humans in their lifetime with pain, heart, mind, and body and social relationships? Why should there be another ordeal again and again?

I can not imagine how the fate of the curious spirits who have become a curious spirits since the work of Majapahit, the Ancient Greeks or the time when the early prophets lived. If they are still unforgivable and a good God still rejects their souls because it has a strange logic to make the spirit's special conditions calm can no longer be met. So in another world, there are billions of curious souls roaming in unhappiness, sadness, pain, and so forth, for centuries.

In his lifetime, he may be a beggar or an unhappy great man, and he may live less than fifty years and has been buried in the world between them for over two centuries. What kind of generous God made it all? Does He like to see the creatures suffer and so enjoy it so much?

How many curious souls really want to die but never die? How horrible is that kind of suffering, where you live in a world between without purity, centuries, and endless pain before being thrown into them? Does not that mean hell three times?

Our first hell is the earth or the world we know all along. The second hell, is where the ghosts live and are rejected by the God who to me is a miniature of such cruelty of cruelty, one of the most severe and frightening hell for the ghosts who continue haunted all this time. And the final hell, is the promised hell in the books. The hell of his cruelty and his sadness can not be described.

If life is so very cruel to be lived. And the world between, the world in which the ghosts are located and who are tired of waiting for judgment for centuries to await the end of the day or the end of the world. Can we still think of our good God?

Or is our Lord masochistic and almost like the worst psychopath in the whole universe?

Lately I was imagining the world between it. What is the fate of the spirits? How would you feel if one of the ghosts were your parents, your sisters, your husbands, your grandparents, your friends and your ex-lover. Trapped thousands of years in it, with unimaginable suffering and explained by common sense.

And how, if that day is your own?

This is why, fearing the world between it, many people want to die in a natural way so that the soul or spirit is accepted by God. Because the Merciful God makes the most other sadistic rules that you should not commit suicide, should not die in an accident, and should not die in an uneasy state. Basically, our Lord does want to torture humans for as long as possible. To the extent that many elderly people who are destitute, severely ill, suffer from childhood must desperately defend his life in great pain just to be accepted by God. Is not it true that our Lord is very generous in torturing his creation?

Having survived with pain in the real world of man. Finally, he died in an accident or died in a state of uneasy his soul because there are some people who still have not forgiven his actions. What kind of silly silly story is this?

What kind of God can amazingly make plots and the various stages, traps, and riddles of punishment that are all so horribly evident that our Lord Himself made them. God must be self-conscious when making such plots and designs of the world. And God like that, surely God so accustomed to seeing people dying and pain without end.

God has anti-empathy and anti-conscience. And all the rules, punishments, and plots he makes are one side that explains some of his personality and character.

As the intermediate world is a miniature of true hell, which seems endless. Then, how horrible is that true hell? And when will the hell end or end? Or is it true that God created hell to punish and torture all his creations indefinitely, forever, or until God is bored?

Why can God create such a cruelty of cruelty, and so He understands that? Hell without end.

Imagine you live in the suffering of cancer until the moment or you have a mental disorder forever plus endless torture. Imagine all the people you love being tortured almost indefinitely when he lived in a world not a hundred years old.

Not a hundred years of our lives and tortures that we experience can be millions of years or indefinitely. I think our Lord is very generous in punishing and maybe, he also has a severe type of mental disorder and should be treated and treated immediately.

Imagine a hell and suffering in it that is also endless. Nothing wrong, if many people willingly submit and serve Him. That is one reason why He is so adored and feared.