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22 July Eart day is moment for peace to remember issue about humanity, peace of suria, a nation attack under war in Middle East, I hope all people in the world take a care about war suria victims in the eart day.


Save eart from destroying of environment, nowadays a big tragedy very sadly with world syiria the victims not only animal,trees,culture,rivers,sea,ecosystem, human also be targets war from, gun, bomb, chemical poison.

Who take attention with nothing political interests in the world, world now dumb from justice for them, not have meant again cry of world of children syiria.

United Nation is an organization for interest of world, nothing powerful for ending war suria, it is big problem for peace, how can believe to change suria to be better on hand of USA and Russia army.They are adding problems for suria with bombs, I dare say for them land suria exercise of war with cheap without capital.

I want invite peoples in the world to take care for justice and peace for people suria in happy earth day in 22 April 2018. Do something with you have to ending war in the world. We not war with weapons but we can change with writing something with pain people's suria.

I hope more from steemian in the world to help peace for homeland suria, free from weapons illegals foreign nations to attack suriah people, we have power for change with together, steemian weapons is a posting article with title war victims of suria.

Suria is brotherhood for all people in the world let's we go with support people in the world, Free weapons for suria is option for peace.

Blood suria same with our blood,body suria same with our body if injured will be ill fill too, please see suria with humanity, all needs peace for our homeland.

Very hard for suria loss of hopping live under peace for future generations, war never ending every day people suria die with tank, gun, mortil, weapons other kill him.

Big conflicts born for nation with amalgamate other nation for political interests, USA and Russia keep away from issue suria with weapons, if they want help to make peace for suria please make a peace resolution with discussion. Not have solved the problem with war.


Foto yg paling atas bereh ya @muhammadiman 👍


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