Leaves of gods

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Good evening steemians friends may we all be in Healthy-healthy only. Here I show a picture of the plant Leaf god. According to the news in many media god leaves this very much its benefits for the health of our bodies. One is to treat and prevent cancer.
This one plant has been known as anti-cancer long before long before modern medicine developed. Anti-cancer derived from the leaves of this god can be made by yourself.


Here's how to mix the ingredients,
First of all, provide 30 grams of fresh god leaves, 20 grams of white ginger, 30 grams of jombang. Boil all the ingredients together with 600 cc of water, wait until the water is left half. Then strain the cooking water to be consumed essence every day.

Or in another way as follows,
provide 30 grams of fresh god leaves, 30 grams of fresh tread leaves, 30 grams of pearl grass, 30 grams of snake tongue grass. Put all the ingredients together 1000 cc of water, then boil until the water is half left. Strain all ingredients and add honey to neutralize the bitter taste, just enough. Stir the concoction and consumption while still warm.

So little story about Daun god may be useful for the health of us all, Thank you.