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Croatia striker Mario Mandzukic sees the World Cup semi-final on Wednesday (11/07) against England as "50/50". Mandzukic is determined to follow in the footsteps of Croatian hero at the 1998 World Cup, at which time Croatia finished third.

Mandzukic believes the squad currently has a perfect blend of experience players and young players to handle the greatest opportunities in their lives as professional football players.

"Croatia, perhaps, has some more experienced players but we also have great young players - that's what makes us good," Mandzukic said.

"I would say the chances in the game are 50/50 because everyone deserves to get into the final."

"There is no fear on our part, we respect all people, but we believe in ourselves."

With penalties in the round of 16 and the quarter-finals, questions can be asked about how fresh the Croatian players will play against England.

However, Mandzukic dismissed this suggestion, saying: "If we had to play today, we would do it."

Croatia will face England at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow at 7 pm (Russian time) on Wednesday night (11/07) to seize the opportunity to play in the World Cup finals.

Croatia through the last four of the 2018 World Cup can not be separated from their success to get rid of Russia host in the quarterfinals through drama shootout.

While England themselves successfully ensure themselves qualify for the last four after they managed to silence the Swedish resistance by a score of 2-0.

Both teams will compete for a final ticket which will take place this weekend, against one of the teams, between Belgium and France.



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