always imagine yourself

in esteem •  5 months ago

"You love him for his talent and quality ... you can look at his face with his love ... you know at all, when the person wakes up at night, looking at the wall, what goes on inside his head?"
Ever asked, which place in the world he wants to lose ?? Why do you want to go ??
His favorite color, favorite flower, favorite song is your memo ... ever questioned, what is the color of his shuffle imagination when he looks at the cloud outside the window when he is strangling in the classroom ??
He finds himself in the character of a novel, you know? ... entering a movie, she wants to shuffle everything, do you know?
Well, what do you talk about all day? ... kyso ?? Sleepy ?? ... are you ??
Do not you ever tell the tales of turbans? ... when you want to swallow the gap between the two loaves in the middle of the window, the gap between the window is like the unhearded guest and you want to talk about such terrible strange thoughts?
Or if you want to get angry when someone dies in a ghost - do not you want to know?
You feel like a very healthy person, do not you?
Well, sometimes you do not crazy crazy do you?

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