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said: " kyawanmarae aainmhar rwar lonew sainn ko meeshhoet htarrpyee ngar mahotebhell say saat hkyinnko hkanr maihu, aasaatshin hphoet bhaalnayrarmhar m so m shikyapar bhuu . . " suuthoet k saynaat, htosuu aahkyahoet thoetsai dharr twaynae hkote hkae shihkaepartaal .

pyinsait hcakarrpyaww hkareesai a bh yya shoet hpw hcya hkaesalell

kyawantawthoetraebhaatitkarr ADF nhaint aatuu naytone pell suuthoet nhang aatuu hcw ant hkwar hkae kya rasai hpyitsaw kyawwng ngar m pyawwnine par . darpaymaae kyanawthoet noutpinetwin luunhaityout sar, ritenhaat maltreated nhaint bhaatitkarr myarr k pyanphoet hkae luumhurayy medeyar k nay kyarr eat . dar kyount suuthoet k saat pait m hkanhkaer par .

pyitwinhcait a hcay hkan kyawan daysatwin hkyaaimhkyawwat lyetshisai . suuthoet k demhar suuthoet bhaw aakyaunggko shar nongya aawngya hpyitparsalarr
suuthoethar aalwan hcatedanrar naykyasai . suuthoet k pyitwin hcaitpwalmyarr hpyitpwarr shat daysamyarr kyaanrait hkae kya pyee suuthoet tait tway bhayy kainn eriyar hpyit sakaeshoet hto aamaimasi hponehkawsomhu nhaint hcarsarr maatsae hk ya rasaw kyawwng suuthoet naysell hcatedanrar naykyasai . ponemhaan lamkyaungghar Ambazonians myaha kyaunggmyarr aatwat saw sya naykyasai hpyitparsai . suuthoet k yahkuaahkyanetwin myaha kyaunggmyarr shihkyinn kambharkyeeko suuthoetrae aamhaantakaal ponepyin ko pyawwpya kuunyepayypar mai lhoet htainpartaal . aalote satti ko hkaw kya suu sarar, sararmamyarr k hkyaaimhkyawwat lyetshisai .


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