hlay khar

in #esteem6 years ago

shoetsaw Nourieh kyaunggtite eat sarartaw jot Safidi suu sabhawtuunyehkyet aarrhpyint mystified hpyitnaysell DW k pyawwkyarrhkaesai . " tait u Chapel nhaint hcarhkyaote htellmhar sain hkyaine shihkaesai" hu ၎innkasosai nhaintsabhawtuunyehkyet "lwanhkaetae 10 nhait" ko hpaansainn nhaint hcemankein rayyswalrayy hkwin pyuhkyet ko makyaarsayymek konesone hkae kwayarngya hkaesai pyawwsohtarrsai .

Safidi "hu [ aan ti aote myahoetshoet eat] shayy bhoe bhayymyarrnhaint [ lay b none taung] rusharr rae sanaamaatkyee k" sabhawtuunyemhu maparbhell kyasainnswarr k n u contract.The aakyaunggpyahkyet aakyaunggko si kyahamya saw k, sarartaw aasoaar rusharr bhaatmhar raanponengway kihchcamyarr kyount hpyithkaesai .

laatbhanwan- rusharr aain suu aainsarr

Batroun myahoet ၎inneat hpo nee aamwayaanhaitaasopar Nourieh bhonekyeekyaungg aouttwin hpawpyahtarrsaw s n nhang takw, laatbhanwan- rusharr aout lwhaattaweat nhaithku tainayrar taithku hpyitparsai .
dar kyount yahkuaahkyaneaahti aahpwalaahcaee laatbhanwan nhaint rusharr dhammasararmyarr nhaint ninenganrayysamarrmyarr a kyarr mhaattamtain aahcaeeaawayymyarr aatwat sar ranhpaanranhkar sai htainsharr hkaesai .


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