Byane pyan mi pya thike

in #esteem6 years ago

strip hcaitswaykyaw aotehcumyarr mha pinesine poutkwalhcaytaatsaw pahchcaeemyarr myarreatmatawtas detonation k nay ralad parpye .

'' shoet pyanswarr eat garatemaatl ''

parlaathcatine htaungpaunggmyarrhcwar eat makyaarhkan aarnarpinemyarr nhaint aatuu aelldelo shote shat hkaatnhaint 43 parlaathcatine saysonemhu aatwat rashilartae, lwanhkaesaw hkyawwat paat sawkyaarnae aapaw garjar naalhcaut t shouttwin " pyanswarr eat garate maatl" hu aamai payyhtarr saeet aapaat hcain sandapyapwalmyarr a bhhoet a hcuwayy hkae kya aahpyit parlaathcatine nhaint aahchcarayy a kyarr tainnmarmhu, taithpaanmyang .

aasopar sandapya lhuutsharrmhuko karlaaatwin ၎innthoeteatshwaepyaungg marking " kaut soe kyee" hcehcain tae luu u ray saann parlaathcatineko "nakba" shoetmahote m hkawsany 1948 hkunhait isarayl aamyoe eat taihtaungeat 70 nhaitmyawwat nhaitpaatlaiaahtaimaamhaat ko htote ko hpw int hphoet myahaaw laint htarr saeet aahkar mayl 15, saiaahti run hphoet hcehcainhtarrsai aarraut aahchcarayy hcaitpwal .
garjaraatwat 2 saann parlaathcatine eat sonepone nhait pone hcait dukhkasaimyarr shoetmahote mimithoeteat aamyoe a nwal hpyitkyaeat .


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