Photography twilight afternoon in time to enter the western sun

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Hi friends stimeet !!!!

Meet me again @Motobeko87 this afternoon I will share a little story about this evening twilight photos you can see below



Dusk in the afternoon before the magrip is very beautiful pandagan his atmosphere was so comfortable, people love to see the evening dusk ahead of the magrip, including myself, because dusk in the afternoon is very comfortable for us nenaging our mind, twilight in the morning is not the same as dusk in afternoon, if dusk in the morning, there are still many dumps in the grass so fresh, but if dusk in the afternoon, is no longer all the roses are gone


Here are some photos about dusk ahead of the magrip you can see for yourself

Here is my work for this afternoon I hope the friends who are in stimeet like with my work this one, thank you for reading my post lover stimeet


by @motobeko87

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I see your make a good content. I want invite your to new group. I create this group with my wife @sokoloffa. We want it will be really cool place in Steem.

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