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Hi friends stimeet tonight meet again with me @ Motobeko87 tonight I will share the story about the flowers of corn hopefully friends who are in stimeet like the way I work



Cornflower is one of the beautiful and unique flowers, this flower has a stamens pistil that covers its powder, but this flower when the tree is old, its flowers fall like rice skin, gardening people planting jagun to be sold, its result for the family needs mareka, we nanam jugung need care, karna jagun every afternoon must be in flush, let the corn grow perfectly, if not in flush kajung must wilt less water, because corn needs water, corn there are two kinds, some sweet, and some there is no taste, if the sweet corn of his tree is not long but mini, if there is no sense of corn, its tree, long,

Xiomi redmi note 5A air camera lens macro

Here's my work tonight I hope you guys like my way of working me tonight thanks my friends have read my post

by @Motobeko87