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Hi friend stimeet dawn before this morning meet again with me @Motobeko87 at dawn before this morning I want to share a little story about the red chili photo can be seen below



This chili is one of the chili beautiful shapes, but this chili has a small size is not too big, many people plant chili to get the money, they constantly treat chili to be better, in give pupu, and every afternoon in flush chilli let me refresh, and let her results in accordance with the want it, I found this chili, in my grandmother's garden behind my house when I went to grandma's garden




Here are some photos about this chili there is a red and there is a green, the red is ripe the immature green you can see for yourself

Shooting device.

I took this photo by using the Xiaomi redmi 5A phone camera by using an additional tool that is macro lens.


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