Zidane 's confusion and defensive disasters!!

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Real Madrid's preparations ended in a penalty shootout loss to Roma in the Mabel Green Cup, and the result worried Real fans and frightened the future of the team in the new season.
In total, Real Madrid won twice, lost three times and drawn twice in their preparations for the season.

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Zidane will have a few days to make the right decisions about the whole game Did Zidane know where the mistakes? And what will he do?

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The Roma match confirmed the exact opposite: Zidane for the first time applied the 3/5/2 method, a radical change that indicates some confusion. There is no time for experiments!

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Zidane applied this method to try to remedy the defensive problems of Real Madrid, especially in the ease of penetration on the wings through Marcelo in particular, but it is not really resolved.

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Were it not for the Roma strikers' mistakes and Courtois success in saving Real Madrid from chances, the result in the first half would have been disastrous for Real Madrid. You may have reached 5 goals.

In the match against Roma, the defense of the Real was very fragile and easy to penetrate, and it was the players of Roma as if they were in a training session did not find anyone to prevent them from advancing and reach the goal of the Real easily.

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The other thing is that arrivals this summer did not leave a good impression in the preparations, including Eden Hazard.

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More surprisingly, after Zidane pushed Gareth Bale in the second half, he was the best player in Real Madrid and created many opportunities.
Perhaps Zidane's reliance on this method as an experiment will not happen in the new season, the use of it takes time to adapt, and the season is about to start, and cannot risk the experience in the first games of the season, then Real Madrid may lose points and lose the race from the beginning.

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