Ways to achieve personal success

in #esteem3 years ago

The first thing we can do to achieve personal success is to call upon
our power of visualization. It is so important to be able to see in our
mind exactly what we want what our goals are. For some people, this
doesn’t come easily or naturally.

To help us develop the ability to visualize, we need to do some deep
down soul searching and spend some quiet time reflecting on what we
feel is important. Try to put blinders on things that are coming at us from all different directions; we’re bombarded by an overflow of data from the computer and television, we’re surrounded by a constant stream of opinions from people wanting to convert us to their way of thinking, we are constantly tethered to the latest communication device
that fits in the palm of our hand, sending constant beeps and tones to
remind us to check what other people are doing right at that precise


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