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Adherence to the childhood rule of “don’t do anything without permission” makes success in your own business an uphill struggle.

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There is no boss to give you permission, so you’re likely to
procrastinate a lot about decisions and then second guess yourself afterward.
As children, we needed permission to do almost anything.
When we did not ask for it and did what we wanted, often we were punished by our parents, family, teachers, and other authority figures. Those of you who went to parochial or military schools understand this very well.
I went to a parochial grammar school and felt that I had no permission to do anything except what the nuns, priests, and teachers told us was OK. When we stepped outside the boundaries
of permission, we were punished severely sometimes to a point of borderline physical abuse. For a long time this stifled me from moving forward, and I developed a rebellious nature toward authority
figures. Now that I am an adult, I discovered that this attitude served me much better to get ahead in life. I am not suggesting that you rebel against everything just challenge the ideas and see if permission is truly required.


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