Accepting your desire

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Accepting a desire does not mean you must act on it. Accepting a desire simply means that you accept yourself while having it. Conversely, condemning your desire implies that you disapprove of
yourself for having it. A little self examination may be necessary to
bring this dynamic to awareness. Do this by contemplating some desire that is not OK with you and notice how you feel about yourself.
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If you have walked across the Golden Gate Bridge or been to the
top of the Empire State Building or any other high vantage point, most likely the desire to jump passed through your mind. It seems to be just about impossible to look down from a high place without
wondering what it would feel like to jump. Statistically, most people who visit these places, even those who accept the desire to jump and thus enjoy the experience of imagining jumping off, do not in fact jump. So accepting this desire did not cause them to act it out.


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