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Brazil will melakoni game 16 of the World Cup contra Mexico in Samara Arena. Brazil who came as group winner E has slightly better capital than Mexico. How not, Neymar and his friends have so far managed to collect 7 points in all matches in the group phase. In the previous group phase, the Samba team managed to get a point from a 1-1 draw against Switzerland, then beat Costa Rica with a score of 2-0 and managed to beat Serbia with the same score.


In goal achievement, Brazil is far more productive than Mexico. Tite foster children managed to nest 5 goals into the opposing goal with only one conceded. Indeed Brazil is above the wind, especially they have a much more star players like Neymar, Firminho, Coutinho, Jesus and Willian. For Coutinho so far has scored 2 goals while the captain, Neymar has scored 1 goal.


Apa berita tim terbarunya?


Brasil akan tanpa Douglas Costa yang cedera, sementara Danilo dan Marcelo menghadapi pertandingan untuk menjadi bugar setelah mendapat pukulan melawan Serbia.

Meksiko akan tanpa Hector Moreno, yang diskors setelah mengambil kartu kuning kedua dari turnamen melawan Swedia. Hugo Ayala akan menggantikannya.


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