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The average guy in Indonesia under normal conditions (without help) when the husband and wife relationship is only able to survive in a duration of 3 to 5 minutes. While medically new women achieve satisfaction over 10 minutes, even a number of surveys released a 9 out of 10 women admitted to his partner tend to not being able to satisfy biological needs.

This condition frequently men in Indonesia to hunt a wide variety of amplifiers, even drugs currently circulating many types and brands of medications are strong men who sold both online and offline that is the result of the region's factory.

However, we recommend that you avoid the use of chemical medicines, because it could be drugs that have dangerous side effects, even many drug users found strong vision loss, hearing loss, heart attack, stroke until death.

But from the time of our ancestors, the nation is known to have the men's endurance booster herb much used by Kings of the days of old. In addition to cheap and easily obtainable ingredients, traditional herb that can be made is believed to be secure and away from harmful efeksamping.

Mix ginger, Honey and Chicken Eggs, is believed to be able to make men able to survive longer when the husband and wife relationship.

Ginger juice which is known to contain powerful Aphrodisiac can help beat premature ejaculation, even impotence. The ability of ginger in smooth blood circulation will help someone last longer in bed.

In addition, honey and telus free-range chicken is believed to be capable of increasing the energy we need for being able to add to the kebutuhak protein can improve performance in bed.

There are a number of ways that we can choose in making this herb:

The first way:

Prepare some sections of ginger, clear, Peel grated and then until smooth and then squeezed to take water. Boil one grain of free-range chicken until half-cooked, then Peel and input in a glass.

Input 1 teaspoon of ginger juice into the glass that already contain eggs poached free-range chicken, add one teaspoon honey, mix well and then drink until exhausted.

For maximum results, drink this concoction every night before bed for a month in a row, and prove themselves benafite.