The Processing Of Waterfall Formation

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There are so many waterfalls found in this hemisphere. Good that has a height of a few meters even up to tens of meters. The waterfall also has its own beauty, water that jump from a certain height makes the formation of fog around it. If there is the right light, there will be a rainbow that seems eternal because the rainbow is always visible throughout the day.

Then how the process of formation of the waterfall ?

  1. When new rivers are formed, river channels in certain places will experience narrowing and erosion. Especially on paths that have a hard layer of soil, there will be resistance. Then erosion will occur and move slowly.

  2. As a result of the erosion, the increase in water velocity on the banks of the river moves along with the various materials it carries from the riverbed. River water flow also formed a whirlpool that increasingly enlarge erosinya capacity.

  3. The ongoing incidents that occur continuously will lead to increased speed of river water and form a faster flow toward the bottom of the river. As a result, eroded soil will form a canyon or chasm in certain places. The longer the chasm gets deeper and the waterfall is formed.

  4. The higher the cliff through which the river water, the stronger the pressure the water produces on the bottom of the cliff. As a result, the faster the rising cliff of the waterfall.

  5. That is why, every year the waterfall height can increase. There are also artificial waterfalls. This waterfall is purposely made by humans for a specific purpose, whether for tourism, power plant or irrigating rice fields.

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