The Meaning of play of Yellow Rose

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Do you know, Yellow Rose symbolizes what if someone gives this color roses to someone else? With an optimistic and cheerful color, yellow roses are a perfect way to tighten the bonds of friendship. Send a bouquet of red roses to your secretary / co-worker for example, there can be a misunderstanding because he or another office friend thinks you like him, but it's different to give a bouquet of yellow roses, because it can lift the spirit of your secretary / colleague in terms of work.


It can also be interpreted as if your friend is feeling sad, sick or you just want to brighten someone's day, yellow roses are a perfect choice, maybe like no other wana choice, but a yellow rose can convince someone to smile for it . Based on that also, yellow roses are also suitable to be given to a new mother (new childbirth), newlyweds and friends who have just graduated from college or other graduation.
Although yellow rose actually symbolizes love also when given to her partner, which means that you are happy with your relationship for so long. But if you give it a yellow rose, it actually has two meanings. In Victorian times, the gift of a yellow rose can be interpreted to express jealousy and infidelity, so if it is to be given to your spouse, it is better to insert a writing that expresses your heart condition in order to avoid misunderstanding.


But friendship and "I care" is the main meaning of the yellow rose. Free and unhindered like wind, free of attachment, yellow roses symbolize that the sender is interested only in friendship. In the yellow roses will not be found passion burning, only the warmth of a sincere smile and sincerity. The yellow rose sender shows that he is affectionate as a true companion of his sincere heart and nothing is hidden.

Although the yellow roses symbolize positive ideas such as freedom, the happiness of newlyweds, new mothers, new graduates and friendships, but these color roses can also have negative connotations, where the human nature sometimes also has negative nuances in itself. One of them as has been explained before that can have the meaning of jealousy or love affair. Others can mean the fading of a passionate love that will not give the yellow rose to their partner, or a careful statement in a love relationship if the relationship is not working well.


In the end, however, a yellow rose can be interpreted to mean anything if the sender and the receiver do not understand the meaning implied in it. Because it can also mean to express love, such as the prospective partner has a favorite color of yellow, so the shooter love to express it with a yellow rose which symbolizes the favorite color of the prospective partner. Unless the sender and the recipient have read this article at least, it is better to use a red rose only if it is to express love. However, if it's for your friends or friends, it's better to use yellow roses in order to avoid misunderstandings and better to insert writing messages in the series of flowers clearly. It's a danger if you send this color roses to your friends without a clear message, where your intention is to cheer him up, but your friend has knowledge of the negative connotations of yellow roses such as jealousy?


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