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The airdrop landed for everyone, what you have on steem you have on Hive wow! The only unfortunate thing is my post on Hive was deserted. So I will use this one as an introduction post. My name is Melissa and I am a student, I am from Africa, Nigeria Benue State to be precise. I am not here to tell you how poor Africa is or how much support we need in Africa. I will tell you only the negative side of Africa which I thing every continent has it negative side. I am more than happy to be here on this platform and to try something new. It is said that when you buy something new you don't abandon it, you stay close to it and enjoy every the new moment. That been said I will have a series of things I will be posting about on this platform so let me briefly show you

  1. Learning English
  2. Africa is beautiful
  3. Motivational quotes
  4. Anything that I feel like writing
  5. I will figure this one out😅
    I appreciate people alot when they show me love and inturn show them that same love, commenting on my shit posts makes me feel bad. What am trying to say is we should show love where love is needed. Hive is promising and we hope it doesn't abandon us to struggle on our own like steem did.
    Finally we have started on a strong note. HBD is now listed on Bittrex. Goodluck to everyone out there! As you sit at home, don't forget to Hive!.

I believe this is the follow-up post. Well, I'm still comfortable with steem. Blogging on steem won't stop me from blogging on Hive too. Right?

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