New Curator to support eSteem users (promoted post @good-karma to ASIA)

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illustration done for eSteem by Fil @dunsky
We got more than 50 entries for the last call for the curators! It is not easy to choose from all of you but we have made the first selection and these are 5 new members with a one week trial period. We will see and check if everything is going well, we will move with the new team members.

So meet our new guard who will help us check the post for qualification to the eSteem Embedding Program.

If you want a better upvote, use more time to create great content than asking for sound.

What is eSteem's Encouragement Program
If you want to improve the upvote of eSteem Curation Trail you can use any cool app for Steem blogging and you automatically qualify!

get eSteem Mobile for iOS and Android devices and eSteem Surfer for Windows, Mac and Linux that can be downloaded from our official site.

For more info on the encouragement program from @good-karma, please check the previous post.

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let's choose @good-karma to be a witness

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