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It is the end of October and the sun is shining in San Diego. I see many reports of early snow from all over and am so grateful that I landed in San Diego once upon a time.

The pecans are almost ready for harvest. The green cover of the nut needs to spring open just a little. If I am lucky, I will get a few from this tree.

I have a huge one in the back of my property that is super productive- but I see nothing of the harvest.

The parrots come first. They like the green, soft nuts. Later, the crows are coming in big clouds of black wings covering the sky.

And they are loud too!!!

Have you seen “The Birds” by Hitchcock? If you have you know what I mean when I tell you that I am tempted to run to get hammer, nails, and boards to secure the windows 🤣🤣🤣

This is my first try using esteem after having been helped by @melinda010100 She really likes this app and it is now easy to get for iPhone users as well.

We shall see how it works for me. I already got 2 error messages 😳🥵

Trying to post now. Oh, and I included the #cc tag. Comment away and get a comment coin 👍

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Is it really that many at your area? We are used to them already over here and they don't attack people like how Mr Hitchcock had portrait in that movie! lol

Hahaha. They don’t attack me - just my pecans. But sometimes, there are a ton of them and when they circle and crow loudly, it can be quite impressive 🤪

The squirrels 🐿 already ravaged our pecan tree! They always take the pecans when they are still in the green pods! I’m not sure any survived for us to eat! Yes, that movie really scared me as a kid!

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I am glad that we don’t have squirrels. They are relentless!!!

You provide 121.0 CC for your comments.

I am happy we have no snow, I hope not this year. I saw "the birds" have that near you? I really don't hope so. There is a field I pass frequently filled with black birds. No idea what is so attractive over there.

I guess the tag works now. Your amount is mentioned. They had an update and there are some changes.

Most important one: you need commentcoin left in your account/wallet otherwise the commentors receive nothing. I wonder if you receive a message about that?

Looks to me the esteemapp works. Hapoy day 💕

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Yes. The app works 😂

What do you mean by leaving cc in your wallet? Isn’t the amount the bot tells you about what you have to work with?

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I mean. If you earned 10 and you use those 10 for a tag you have nothing left in your wallet so no one who comments receives a coin.

If you have 20 and use 10 for the tag you have 10 left and 10 receive a coin. If 12 comment two receive nothing.

Your 10 will not be used to reward by the way.


  • Users with a reputation below 0 are automatically added to the blacklist and are excluded forever!
  • Users who edit their comments will no longer be rewarded twice!
  • New interface - 99.99% success rate for bot communication with the Steem Blockchain
  • Bot made faster and tidied up!
  • We have removed the "annoying" comments!

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Hopefully you can make a pie someday!

I hope so too!!! 😀

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Pecans are one of my favorite nuts! The squirrels love them back in Oklahoma and will throw the shells everywhere.

I tried esteem a while ago, but liked partiko more. I now mostly use steempeak to post and partiko to browse. I also use tribe interfaces and I still use steemit (especially when I want to filter out resteem).

Your garden sounds like a paradise. If I was a parrot, I'd like there too!

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Saludos. Me agradan las nueces. No tengo ese árbol y me gustaría sembrar. Solo, ni tengo semillas ni se como hacer su siembra. Acá tenemos de esos cuervos, escandalosos, pero solo atacan si me acerco a un nido. También me recuerdan esa película. Ardillas no hay, por lo menos en las casas.

Yay! Have fun exploring all the cool things this app can do! You can bookmark pages that you want to save and create posts and save them as drafts to publish later. You can use your ESTM tokens to gift, sponsor your post, which keeps it pinned in as a recurring feature on the eSteem feed, or boost, which gets you a larger eSteemapp vote. You can sort notifications by mentions, and replies. Let me know if you have questions about anything. We were all getting that server error this morning. I haven't heard what that was about, but rest assured that it doesn't happen often. There is an update for the app coming out soon. They are constantly adding features. Glad to see cc Token awards on your posts, too!

Good to know that the error was not on me. Tech always makes me nervous and many things are happening to me that make other people shake their heads. Like I do exactly what someone else does - it works for them and nada for me LOL But I manage.

There was an announcement in the eSteem Discord that they were having server issues, so it wasn't us, this time! I know exactly how you feel about tech issues!

What a shame all the birds eat the pecans! I had a cherry tree when I was married to my ex and the birds ate them all. Friday we are supposed to get some snow, but nothing significant, I'm thinking.

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@mariannewest My pecan tree gave nuts for the first time this year, but it was when we had lots of rain and they all fell off still in the husk the nut inside is mushy. My Dad made my oldest brother take us to town with him and he dumped us at the walk in theater guess what was playing. lol we stayed and watched the birds over and over until he came back for us.

Argh!!! Hitchcock was a master of creating a scary atmosphere. I saw the movie such a long time ago - but when the crows are circling... I am right back in that feeling

Stick with it, @mariannewest or at least go daily on your computer. You get good votes on 80%+ of your posts and get points you can use to boost the rest. I login one time a day, vote once, comment once - even if I do not post. Then I have lots of points when I need them. Totally worth it.

Thank you. I have it on my phone and will probably use it because it is easy 😀 But haven’t it all figured out yet... or, I am suspecting that the options for iPhones are much less from the Android version

That is possible. They are very helpful in the discord if you need help, @mariannewest.

You have one of those beautiful pecan trees that my dad could never get started @mariannewest, where do the parrots come from?

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There are different theories about them. San Diego is the home to several flocks of medium size green parrots 🦜

Some say they are the result of escaped birds that banded together and created a new breed.

Others say that someone was going to smuggle a truckload of parrots in (pre heavily controlled border time) and was about to get caught. They let them all go and that was the start of today’s flocks.

However they got started, they are thriving, are very loud, and love pecans 😀

Wow cool. 👍

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The pecans look nice.
Hay, I saw an announcement from esteem that there's a server issue. Hopefully, now it's solved. You can use it smoothly now.

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