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HEllo to all my steemit friends, Hope you all are fine?

I ma back with my new meme , I hope that you will understand and like it as I do.

Really love to see a lots of meme in the internet in this era of internet the world can easily be explored the man or team whomever they were, they never ever thought that there internet will go this far and have this kind of technologies someday.

If they have known about this they maybe never invented this kind of shit, sometimes I thought of the old days of letters.

Its takes a month or sometimes more then that to receive a letter of father from other state and the period of waiting for the answer of letter is amazing. But now we all needs instant result may these are the reasons of this that we all are fully depends upon the smartphones or the app that are installed on them.

The phones are becoming smart day by day and we are becoming dumm day by day without any drought.


Image SOurce

Thanks for being here Hope you like it.@manojbhatt



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