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HEllo to all my steemit friends. hope you all are fine?

I am back with my new meme hope you will like it.

I have seen that steem was on its highest at almost 2 years ago that was Steem had an all-time high of $8.0748.I dream that time will come soon back and steem with cross that line this time makes its place more in the @cryptomarket this time.


Screenshot taken from coinmarketcap

This chart shows the graphs of steem from year 2017 to now.As you can see that its at highest at year 2018 and in 2017 hop this will breaks its all old records and touches the moon.✌️


Screenshot taken from coinmarketcap

This screenshot shows the position of steem in the #cryptocurrency market as per the coinmarketcap, I think it will be real fun if this will reach at least to top 10 or maybe 20 in this market then we all will be rich some day this is my dream about steem and these are my thoughts, Hope you like my post.


Image Source

Thanks, @manojbhatt


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