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Net or net net in a volleyball game made from a series of plaid benangber with a box size of 10 cm. Net length 9.5 to 10 meters or longer than the width of the field, why? because the establishment of a pole to tie the net is outside the field of approximately 0.5 meters, so the net must be longer. While the height of the net 1 meter. At the top edge of the net there are usually white ribbons measuring 5 cm. Net mounted transversely in the middle of the field tied on the left right pole of the field. Installation of net net should be the same height so that it is balanced and tied firmly.

Volley ball weight: 200 - 280 grams
Around the circle: 65 - 67 cm
The ball used in volleyball games also has a standard size, weighing 20 to 280 grams. was traveling around a 65 to 67 cm circular sphere. Regarding the color of the ball there are many color choices, it aims to facilitate the player to see the ball rotation when played so that players from each team can anticipate the arrival of the ball.

Field Size Of The Side: If viewed from the side, we can conclude that the volleyball field has a long-sized tooth with ukurang Length 18 meters and width 9 meters. On the length of the size is divided into 4 parts. At the center line where the net is installed, while the right-hand side of the net area attacks each team game. Field conditions should be flat and look the same thing to keep the players comfortable when competing so as not to cause danger physically. The field should be dry and not slippery including sand or nothing that makes the field less comfortable.