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Macro photography is photography with a very close distance on the object to be in portrait, for a more detailed and sharp image, but does not require the help of an optical magnifier, such as a microscope. Macro photography usually has a 1: 1 ratio of the size of the image produced in the same size as the original object. In general macro photography has small photo objects of animals, such as: insects, flies, bees, butterflies, ants and other small objects to explore details and textures that do not appear clearly visible, but if the macro image in the texture object -the object will be seen in more detail on the photo. Here we have some macro photography techniques for you.


  1. Choose the Best Lens
    Focal distance of the macro lens generally ranges from 50mm to 200 mm. Although most zoom lenses carry a macro setting, typically the ability to zoom an image is less than half the size of a real macro lens, and the comparison starts at 1: 1 and no less. A 50-60 mm lens is suitable for general macro functions, but if you want a sharper subject, you should use a lens with a distance of 100mm, but the price is more expensive. For objects such as butterflies and dragonflies, the selection of this type of lens is very suitable, because the focal length is also must be more focused. A lens with a distance of 150-200 mm is the most expensive, but you will get a sharper image when photographing a flying subject, like a butterfly.

Use the Extension Tube to bring the Lens Focus Lift closer
The extension tube located between the back of the lens and the camera body makes the lens more focused and produces a clearer picture for a small subject. For example, you can photograph a large flower infested by a beetle with an enlarged lens measuring 18mm to 200mm and with an additional 20mm extension tube. This way is cheaper alternative than you buy a macro lens, which is not very suitable for use outdoors. Also, with the right extension tube, you can shoot your subject even more, with a closer focusing distance. Add more extension cameras to your camera, so you can shoot unlimited macro photos...oke good..