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Cat Cat's eye? Forest Tourism? Hearing his name is certainly a bit strange, why given a name like that huh? Based on the story, in ancient times this place is a forest that can only be passed by foot and can not be completely bypassed by the vehicle, then ...

Besides being an industrial center and cheap electronic goods, Batam City is still surrounded by vast green forests as the lungs of the city. One of them is Yellow Forest Tourism area or Pancur Forest which is fun to be explored


Forest Mata Mata Kucing Batam is a tourist destination in Batam where you can enjoy nature tourism while seeing some fauna such as eagles.

The road to the forest? In Batam there are also looh forest tours that can be visited for recreation with friends and family called Forest Tourism Bukit Mata Kucing, Forest area of approximately 200 hectares is located on Jln. R.suprapto, Batu Aji Sub-district, Batam. This place opened ...


Latest news and photos of protected forests are all in the Batam Tribune.
Wisata Mata Kucing Batam is a popular tourist destination in Batam where you can enjoy nature such as eagles, monkey, ape.


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