Hunting Airdrop on Coinsbit Exchange #6/366

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Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb
On this occasion I will discuss a little about how to get money from airdrop, a few days ago an airdrop was on a medium rise, the airdrop launched a token named [CNB]( -fe4958b44e51) was initiated by an exchange COinsbit. AAs usual, every market or exchange releases tokens, usually they will distribute a certain amount of airdrops to users who register at the beginning.

Now, don't be pessimistic even though we have missed the ICO period. We can still get the token CNB for free just by registering and verifying e-mail. With the distribution of 2000 tokens CNB for those who register using the link, and 1000 tokens [CNB]( referral / 5f702546-e707-47b4-997b-fe4958b44e51) for those who invited you. And if you register directly without using a referral link, you will only get 9 tokens CNB for your email verification prize.

Okay, just go ahead, I describe how to register through the official website of Coinsbit:

  • First, make sure you already have an active email that you can access to confirm later at registration.
  • Second, open the website Coinsbit by clicking HERE. After that, you only need to fill in your identity as requested on the website.
  • Third, after registering on the website Coinsbit, then the next step you only need to open the email to click 'Confirm Registration' or can directly click the link sent below. hsi54z.png

How, pretty easy isn't it. Alright, I think that's enough for this post, hopefully it's useful and can add readers insight, if you have questions, criticisms, suggestions and input, please scribble on the comments below. Greetings Profit!


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