Day 235: 5 Minute Freewrite: Monday - Prompt: quadrillion

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As a kid growing up in my country, we are used to spending the coins. The coins available back then were 50(as half of one),1 and 2.

After these coins, hundreds is the next big thing, followed by thousands, millions is like the forever king who would never lose its throne in the money market and ultimately the most possible money value there could ever be at that time.

Back then, when we want to describe to our friends, a super big money value, we use terms like quadrillion and zillion to wow! our friends and make it sound big to them, it looks like the money value the world could never reach.

Over the years, things had changed, coins were withdrawn and dropped (no longer in use), technology has improve life and the monetary aspects of life has evolved, inflation rises and thousands, millions and trillions became a household term used for money.

It doesn't scare anyone anymore, quadrillion and zillion are the next big thing but not like in the time past where it is used to Woooooow! everyone and make you who mentioned it looks weird!

  • Afterthoughts: The world is an ever evolving one and there's no forever king. Many things have come and gone, some looks like they were never here at all while others still left traces. In this world of ours everything moves with trends, but as humans I wouldn't say move with the trends. Instead, I'll say stay relevant by accessing latest information at all times, grow, learn and develop. Look beyond your present limitations, there's more to come, a world far better than what you think is the biggest. The best cars back then can't even compete with today's invention and standard, that's the least example I could bring up among many other things we have today. So will it be tomorrow, no stopping now... Wake up! Develop!! Grow!!! And stay relevant to the world!!!*
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