Should do this thing your 30 years...

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Wait for the time to implement the objectives of life in itself.
I want to buy a house? Get married children? To write a book about? To get a master's degree? Want a new career? Any instrument you want to learn to play? Freelancers wanted a thousand? To implement your dream today. "Berry," Fortunately, the move to move out easily. But thirty years later the time comes will quickly than ever before. I turn and turn forty and fifty arrived. Yesterday forced to start the next time.
Sleep in sleep.
Lighting, without due A dark and quiet room is sleeping peacefully. Do not rub the phone from the bed. It will be difficult to fall asleep. Sleep and lay down a specific time, Get up on time to training.

Care for your health.
Check the clinic with your mouth right now. If damage unarmed planned patch prepared. Unless health care itself never went back. Only to worsen. True, the market-related treatment. Far more, but not to go to the clinic from an incurable condition will be more.

Explore Travel.
Prepare a trip just to go after the house. All that you can go very far, and you are traveling to exotic places as possible. Take a lot of photos. Adventurer left to go to the next places. Take me as someone to be your closest. And create great memories in my life. When you're older reply thought the voyage will be smiling.

A healthy balance diet.
So your money if you buy a woolen will be able to buy. But it can not buy health. Unhealthy foods to avoid starting from the age of thirty.

At least ten books a year.
To develop the whole person, which can grow your wisdom. Brains develop good training and nurture.

A training exercise in learning something.
The benefits of mental instability infinite. You just do not. Your time in the day's only need to invest a little laugh. Over a stable, mature people in your environment will not notice any change.
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