So pure is your love

in #esteem5 years ago


You lift up my spirits so high like no one else can,
When I am feeling lonely, you are always there to hold my hand.
When I need someone to talk to, you give me your listening ear,
When I am gloomy and low, you crack me up with your witty humour.
When I want to rest my head, your shoulder is always there,
When days get tedious, you fill glitter around me and everywhere.
I can't imagine life without you my dearest dear.
Only if you knew the love I have in my heart for you, right here!

If God gave me just one wish,
I would wish to have you forever,
You and me together!
I would want to live this dream,
As absurd as it might seem.
I would want to wake up with you everyday,
Telling me that you love me in every way.
I would want the touch of your fingers on my skin,
And being enveloped around your arms within.
I would want to hear you telling me you love me,
And that you would do so for eternity.
If God gave me just one wish,
I would wish to have you forever,
You and me together!
I am so in love with you.

So pure is your touch that entice my soul
You play the most special role
Just want to be with you all day
Just want to come close and say
That never leave my side my dear
You are and you will be forever so near
Near to my heart and my soul
I can't imagine my life without you
I can't imagine a day without you
Baby I purely love you
And will always do!

Such a magical vibe you give my love
Such a feeling that I have with you
Your presence takes me to another bliss
And that seals the passion of the kiss
The kiss that lingers the moment between us
The kiss that makes us feel so glad
Baby your love seals it all for me
But a word to express and thee
That silence and that that lovely spark
Feels so special that love mark
Baby I so love you!


@ladyjessica a perfect love theme with pure poetry ..soul touching
follow me and appreciate my work it gives me courage

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