The unusual seeds I have found under the tree)

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Hello my dear friends!

I woke up very early today and had some time before my work. The weather is sunny today so I decided not to miss such a great day. I took my dogs and went for a walk. It is autumn in my city. Autumn is a very rich and generous season which is always to ready to share with us its fruit and vegetables. I was walking in the park and saw a very unusual tree. I do not know its name but its seeds are really amazing. As for me, they look like fat snakes.)) All the ground under the tree was covered with such funny "snakes". I decided to take the pictures of these seeds and to share them with you, my friends. When I find something interesting, I always try to show it to my dear Steemit friends as Steemit takes a very important part in my life and I can`t imagine my life wihout you. I hope you will like my pictures and I wish all of you a great Wednesday. The quality of the pictures is not so good but I hope you will forgive me as they were taken by an old smartphone.




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They really look like snakes

Nice shoots


Thank you Goran) I wish you a great day)


Have a wonderful and successful day Karina

Красота жизни:)

Welcome back dear friend.