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Hi guys April 2020 virtual run is back. This event is organized by Running Station, an event company based in Malaysia. This particular event is called Power Surge and there are 3 categories, 7km, 70km and 170km. Runners and complete this event in multiple runs within the while month of April 2020.
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The image above is the finisher tee shirt that participants can get after conpleting this event. There are multiple colours dry-fit material sports tee shirts for collection.

There are many event companies organize virtual run but Running Station is one of my favourite due to quick response, reliable, and friendly staff. Furthermore, the medal design is cool and crafted with excellence.

The concept of virtual run is that participants and track their mileage through their mobile phone, GPS devices and accumulate the total mileage recorded. Runners can run on treadmill as well. The beauty if virtual run is that participants do not need to rush for the finishing line, slow and easy for the whole month.

I didn't register for this race because I had a 500km virtual to be completed in 2 months time with an avegare of 150km per month. I like to join virtual because I like to collect medals as a reward for myself for training. So, guys if you are interested, you can check it our other eventa as well at Link here Cheers!!


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Keep on running!

I might have a look at signing up for this cheers!

Sure buddy.. happy running💪😎

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