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Hi guys, in this post I am going to review a bottle of multi vitamin & minerals by Viva Life Science. As I practice a very active lifestyle daily, this supplement is essential as part of my diet. I and very active in running and judo which I workout 6 times per week, therecore supplements play a very important role to replenish my body and mind.

I have taken many brand of multivitamin and minerals such as Pharmaton and Blackmores and so far Vivalife is the most effective ones. The price per bottle is RM68 approximayely USD15, that contains 120 tablets. The main reason I switched to this brand because I was recommended by a friend whi told me this is the only brand of supplement that is medical grade. What does it means?

Medical grade supplement is tested my medical professionals and recommended by doctors. Furthermore, VivaLife products is the only brand appeared and recommeded in medical journal. FDA approved pharmaceutical products are good but products that are featured in medical journal are even more awesome.
What it really convinced me to buy this brand of supplement is that my friend explained to me most of the supplements only written their content but not ingredient, which it didn't really mentioned where the source of nutritions came from. For VivaLife, it mentioned all the active ingredients and the main source of their nutrients.

I tried it for 3 days, and my performance improve tremendously that I recovered faster, more strength, and improved concentration which athletics needed the most. This is due to the concentrated ingredients inside the tablets such as alfafa, parsley,carrot, grape, cherry and others.

There are other products as well aside from multi vitamins & minerals, such as bio garlic, viramin C complex, green barley and others. In my humble opinion the prices are reasonable and the products are more better than those sold at pharmacies, and I highly recommend to those people who seeks good supplements. Cheers.


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